Six-Month Stats Round Up

It’s a new week at the start of a fresh month. We’re now entering the second half of 2019 and, personally, I’m excited. But before I jump headlong into the next round of CampNaNoWriMo, it’s time to look back. I said I’d be more open with my stats, going forward, so here we go:

Books Read

  • 31 out of my goal of 60 for the year = 52%
  • So, just ahead of target. That’s a win.

Words Written
(Rounded to the nearest thousand)

  • January: 4,000
  • February: 6,000
  • March: 6,000
  • April: 37,000
  • May: 12,000
  • June: 13,000
  • Total = 78,000

Poems Written: Seven

Poems Submitted: Eight

Pieces of Short Fiction Submitted: Seven

Competitions Entered: Seven

Pitches Made to Agents: Seventeen

Other Opportunities Applied for: Seven (including two attempts at PitMad).


  • I had one poem published in an anthology
  • I completed a draft of another novel
  • I went back and finished off some long-abandoned stories (a big weight off my mind)
  • I secured some Client Work
  • I joined SCBWI (courtesy of the funds obtained through client work)

Final Thoughts

I think this is a good start. Definitely something I want to build on. I’m not focusing on how many of my applications and submissions converted to successes because, as I’ve said elsewhere, they are good things in and of themselves. Also, it’s just too early to say how they’ll turn out. Some of them I won’t get outcomes (good or bad) until 2020!

In the meantime, and as per my previous blog post, I’m aiming for put myself forward for even more opportunities. I’ll check in again soon.

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