Summary of the Last Ten Years

I’m about to turn thirty. I’ve been saying that, with increasing degrees of panic, since I turned twenty-six, but now it’s just ’round the corner – on Saturday.

That’s right. In a few days, I will have been alive a full three decades and will be starting on my fourth.

I’m still not sure it’s fully sunk in yet, but I’m at least freaking out less.

Part of me knows the angst surrounding getting older is nonsense. Numbers are arbitrary and nothing can be done about them anyway, so what’s the fuss? That’s the logical part of my brain. The illogical part is hiding in a cupboard somewhere weeping. So long as it’s not at the forefront right now, I don’t mind so much.

Socially speaking, I think the pressure put on women, in particular, to stay young (or, at least, stay looking youthful) is fascinating (not to mention entirely unfair and infuriating), but I’m not going to get into that here. It’s a discussion I’ve subjected my husband to several times already, and you clicked on this post to read about the misspent years of my twenties. I wouldn’t want to disappoint, so here’s a bullet-pointed list.

  • Ten years ago, way back in March 2009, I was living in Lincoln and had been for about a year and a half. I was nearing the end of my second year at university and swiftly coming to terms with the fact that I had picked entirely the wrong course. Despite uncertainty over what to do next, however, I was fairly happy. I had a good social life and was living in a decent place. 2009 was the year I met my best friend and was, up until more recently when I found love, one of the happiest years of my life.
  • 2010, by comparison, was hell. Continue reading

27 Life Milestones

Having just turned twenty-seven a couple of days ago, I thought it might be nice to mark the occasion by listing twenty-seven things I’ve done or achieved, so far. The list is (mostly) in chronological order, starting with the earliest things first. One thing I learnt about myself from compiling this list, is that I tend to do the same things multiple times.

birthday cupcakes

  1. Appeared as a main character in a school play (got an award for it, too)
  2. Moved out of my parent’s house
  3. Went to university (hence the above)
  4. Lived in a different country (again, see above)
  5. Got a pet (okay, several pets)
  6. Gave blood
  7. Got a tattoo (I have three, so far)
  8. Became a Sunday School teacher (briefly)
  9. Travelled outside the UK
  10. Volunteered for charity (1000 voluntary hours and counting)
  11. Went on holiday on my own (countless times)
  12. Moved out of my parent’s house and lived in a different country (a second time)
  13. Published a book
  14. Published a second book
  15. Completed a ‘Photo-A-Day’ project
  16. Had a normal job
  17. Had a breakdown
  18. Jacked in the normal job and started my own business
  19. Published a third book
  20. Went to a music festival (one of those holidays I had on my own)
  21. Saw my favorite band live (at said music festival)
  22. Became an aunty
  23. Fell in love
  24. Got engaged
  25. Published a fourth bo- you get the idea. It’s a lot of books.
  26. Moved out of my parent’s house (again!)
  27. Became a god-mother 🙂