2023 by the Numbers

Twenty Twenty-Three was very difficult on a personal level, so I’m not gonna provide a summary of all that. Instead, here are some stats for how things went professionally:

  • Books Read: 34
  • Total Words Written: 146,000
  • Blog Posts Written: 7
  • Poems: 2
  • Short Stories: 2
  • Novel Outlines: 2
  • Submissions: 4 (consisting of 8 poems)
  • Acceptances: 1 (of a poem I submitted in 2022)

That poetry acceptance led to me being published in the third ‘Washing Windows’ anthology by Arlen House, which came out in May. But by far the biggest thing that happened for me in 2023 professionally was my short story collection, Girl Imperilled, finally coming out. It feels like so long ago, and with so much else happening around that time, it didn’t get a lot of fanfare, but I am honestly so proud of that little book.

To a better 2024!