Breaking News: Double Book Launch!

Belfast Writers’ Group have been going from strength to strength since we reformed in September. After stalling for nearly two years, we are finally launching a new short story anthology AND re-releasing the first anthology with new, bonus content.

I have a story in the second edition of Ghosts in the Glass, a story in Creatures and Curiosities, and another story in ‘creatures’ that I helped write with my husband. It’s his first publication, so we’re really excited.

The official launch for both books is on Friday 27th of October at Malone Lodge Hotel Belfast, between 7 and 9.30pm.

Please come along for some readings and free tea and coffee. Facebook event here.

Tales from a Book… Launch

Book LaunchA couple of weeks ago, I had the launch event for my latest book: The Love Poems. This is just a little wrap-up of how that went.

So, most importantly, there was cake. And also some people came.

It was a small gathering, but I feel it worked quite nicely – the art gallery that hosted was warm, welcome, and cosy. (If you ever find yourself in Bangor, Northern Ireland, I highly recommend you check out The Blackberry Path.)

The Love Poems is dedicated to my partner, and the event fell on the anniversary of our first date, so – as a bonus – my partner read a poem dedicated to me, after I’d completed my author readings. You can view my readings as well as his in the video, below.

Launch of The Love Poems

The Love Poems CoverMy newest book – The Love Poems – is now available to buy in paperback and PDF formats, with the ebook (Kindle and ePub) coming out next week.

Currently, the paperback is up for sale via, but over the next few weeks it will be appearing on Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s website, too.

In the meantime, I’m having an event in which you’ll be able to buy signed paperbacks from me in person.

The book launch is on the 6th of February, at The Blackberry Path Art Studios in Bangor, Northern Ireland – more info. here.

Bonus content: video of me reading four poems from the book.

Book Launch Wrap Up

Book Launch Cake My book launch for Four Season Summer went ahead as planned at the end of last month, and I’d very much call it a success. The venue (Scooby Brew Cafe, Bangor) was filled to capacity, there was cake, readings, and signings. It was even in the local newspaper (County Down Spectator, Bangor Edition, Page 60).

Below is a video of the readings I did – two from Four Season Summer, and a poem from my first book, Still Dreaming. I stumbled a bit over reading the first section, because there were children present, and I was trying to censor/tone down some bits on the fly. But you get the general idea.