Welcome, one and all, to my new website, now with integrated blog! I’ve been stumbling around the internet making pages and writing posts for longer than I care to remember, but now I am here, and it’s a fresh start. Perfect timing, I’d say, to go along with the new year. But that’s not to say all the things of the past have gone, or that they were all bad. Certain posts are being polished up and will be archived here in the coming days, after which you’ll notice my old blogs begin to disappear. (And, yes, I mean blogs, not blog posts – well, not just blog posts.) My “God Blog” is in the process of moving, and the blog I set up for Bible Study and Sermon Notes is vanishing (with the posts being merged into the aforementioned God Blog). Meanwhile, my creative writing blog (formally titled ‘Writing Through the Night’) and my main blog (‘This and That’) are being merged and moved here. Exciting, eh?

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