Literary Audit March 2020

I was going to put up a post with tips for working from home today but… well, it’s my birthday and – honestly – I want something a bit more fun. Indulge me, will you, dear reader?

It’s been four years since I first conducted an audit of all the words I’d ever written (original post linked here), and it’s fair to say a lot of my stats have changed since then, with some projects being finished, some scrapped, new ones being taken on etc. I’ve of course shared bits and pieces of statistics between then and now, but not all of them in a singular post – until today!

Going forward, I might do a yearly update to help track my progress, but for now, let’s get onto the figures.

Note: I’m not including my previous self-published poetry and short story collections in my list of book projects, because at this stage I’m really trying to pretend they don’t exist. A line in the sand has been drawn and I’m moving on.

Writing Project Master List

Memoir: WIP*

Novels: 2 Complete, 7 WIPs

  • Family Ties Trilogy
  • Death Girl
  • Rain After Fire
  • Family Secret
  • Holes
  • Sasha
  • A Man Convinced

Short Story Collection: WIP

Short Stories (individual): 66 Total, all Complete

  • 3 Awaiting Publication
  • 4 on Submission
  • 16 Ready to Submit
  • 43 Published (by self or otherwise)

Poetry Pamphlet: WIP

Poems (individual): 394 Total, all Complete

  • 129 Micropoems part of previous Poem-A-Day Project
  • 265 Other Poems, of which:
    • 2 have provisional acceptances
    • 11 are currently on submission
    • 36 are ready to submit
    • 216 have been retired (some published, some not)

Scripts: 4 Complete, 1 WIP

  • Control (Short Screenplay. Finished. Never subbed.)
  • Waiting (Short Screenplay. Finished. Never subbed.)
  • Silence (Short Stage Play. Finished. On Submission.)
  • Ella & Vin (Comic Book. Partially drafted.)

Fan Fiction: 105 Projects Total

  • 9 non-BTVS fics – all complete
  • 75 BTVS fics complete
  • 21 WIPs (including the one I’m currently posting and one that just needs light edits)


  • Puppy Susie’s Park Adventure (Picture book. Complete)
  • Essay Idea: John Green, Anne Rice, J.K. Rowling, and the Road Not Taken: The significance and limitations of authorial intent.

*WIP stands for Work in Progress

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