Meet Glo.

Glo is an artist. Or she would be, if she ever got started.

She has all the inspiration.

All the plans.


Glo gets caught up in doing lots of little, unimportant things.

Glo frustrates the f*ck out of her friends.

They can see everything she’s got to give, but all they hear are her excuses.

I’m gonna stop being like Glo.


My name means light. I have a coaster somewhere that says that. It also says that I have so much potential, I can’t be pinned down, and I never get anything finished. Well SCREW THAT!

From here, every time I get pissed at people like Glo, I’m gonna use that energy to go out and hit my targets and stop being such a damn hypocrite.

Yes, I love art. And photography. And animals. And precisely six-point-two-five million other things.

I know logically I can’t become an expert in all of them, so the logical thing is to stop and focus on one thing, maybe dabbling in other things along the way, and maybe giving something else my full energy and attention when I’m done making it as a writer. But I’m gonna be a writer first.

Now begins the season of quality over quantity.

Glo’s gonna keep me right.

2 thoughts on “Glow!

  1. Ellie Rose, I’ve only met you once and you struck me as having done a lot. I believe all the things you love and do add to your experience and make you a better writer. At the very least it gives you something to write about, adding threads to what you write, making it a richer tapestry..
    As for me? I just fart along. I’m never going to be rich and famous with what I do, but so what? I’m having fun, meeting interesting people and learning. I specialise in making myself laugh, amusing myself or recording what I love (folklore) and few others want to read, and how sad is that!

    1. Thanks for your response, Doreen. It’s reassuring that I come across well, at least. I know I’m hard on myself. Perhaps we all are. I don’t think what you do is sad at all. Making people laugh is a very worthwhile task, if you ask me.

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