Ellie Rose Recommends: Blasty

Ever since I first heard about my books being offered (or supposedly offered) for free across the internet, I’ve been looking for an effective way to deal with piracy.

I issued an official takedown request to a website, once, but it went ignored. Now, I use Blasty.

Blasty doesn’t delete offending web pages from the internet, but it does alert Google, who then stops linking to them which essentially has the same outcome.

As tasks go, looking through all the offending links and ‘blasting’ them is annoying but important. Something you have to keep on top of.

I’m not being paid to promote the app, but I do have an invite link that will allow you to access it without having to wait.

It’s in beta testing at the moment (and therefore free, for the time being).

One thought on “Ellie Rose Recommends: Blasty

  1. Blasty had been my favorite when it started and not because it was free, but it turned ugly and to a scam really quick. For all the people who have subscribed to their paid service they no longer let you unsubscribe and keep deducting money from your credit card!!
    I couldn’t stop the auto-rebilling feature from their site and had to call my credit card processor and file a fraud claim against them. That’s the only way to stop them from charging till forever your credit card. Plus the worst part is they no longer take down the infringing content which they were supposed to do!!

    Also their support is non-existent, any e-mail I had tried sending to them I never received a reply!!

    What I did was I switched from Blasty to https://www.Pirat.io after learning about them at the Boston writers convention!
    I’m very pleased with their 24/7 online support and with their DMCA takedown service. For authors they provide a custom plan with unlimited book and audiobook anti-piracy protection at 79$ which is pretty good considering it gets the job done!
    So far all my books have been removed from all piracy sites, forums and search engines!

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