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I was tagged by Kerry Buchanan on Facebook to post seven lines of a page ending in seven from one of my stories. So, below are seven lines from my thus far unpublished debut novel, Rising from Ashes. Taken from page seventeen, with zero context:


“Gonna… gonna need a, a minute,” he said, laboring for breath.

“Simon, what’s wrong?”

“Can’t – oww – can’t move too well. Think I winded myself, getting this far.”

What was before her eyes finally sank in. Blood – he was covered in it.

Winded himself?! He looks like death!

“Oh, god!” she said, stepping out onto the porch beside him – ignoring how her feet complained about walking across snow uncovered. “Here, take my hand.”

And now it’s my turn to nominate seven other people. I pick: Erin Burnett, Valerie Christie, Gerry McCullough, Anna Sheehan, Cathy Reilly, A. Griffin, and James McKay.

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  1. I was tagged by Ellie RoseMcKee
    Sister Theresa lifted the stool she had been sitting on and broke it over Brother Thomas’ head.

    She then ran after Charleston calling out.

    “With me, he’s getting away.”

    She ran out onto the gangway and saw Charleston’s coattails disappearing upwards.

    It had accessed the hatch into the balloon above.

    The monks had continued their chanting, each one carrying a short crossbow.

    Sister Theresa hesitated before peering up into the balloon.

  2. 7 lines from page 27 of an abandoned project I would like to resurrect some day. At least, it was seven lines on word.

    “No actually,” Kan said as she handed it back. “It’s Libby’s I need to see.”

    Mr Sleith’s usual happy-go-lucky expression turned to a serious one.

    “You know I’m not supposed to let you even see your own record, never mind Libby’s,” he said. “Have you not already guessed what her past was like anyway?”

    “She doesn’t openly talk about it,” Kan explained. “I just wanted to see when her birthday is. Or even if it isn’t the date she was born, at least a day we can call her birthday.”

    Mr Sleith sighed, sorted through the papers and handed her the sheet. At the top the name ‘Libby’ was written. There was no surname. Most of the details simply had ‘not applicable’ in front of them.

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