Paper / Notes to Self

One of my life goals is to have fewer little pieces of paper surrounding me, each containing reminders of tasks undone. A clear ‘to do’ list is the surest sign of freedom, I’m sure. But right now, what I want to pin on my notice board of stuff, is a humble note to self:

You don’t have to do everything at once

Indeed, you don’t have to do everything

Life does not require you to be ready



3 thoughts on “Paper / Notes to Self

  1. I’ve been saying you put too much on yourself. It’s very easy to overwhelm yourself with so many tasks you end up in a panic wondering were to start. Break them down and prioritise them. Aim to do 3 every day. If you have time to do more all the better, but more importantly if you only manage 2 out of 3 don’t try to do 4 the next day. I believe in you.

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